Website Project Details

Working with the wonderful and caring staff at Ross Road Community Church, Abendago created a rich and informative website with clearly defined areas containing highly specific content for visitors. The home page was also designed to draw attention to coming events and important announcements for those who were members of the church, giving them quick access to the information they needed.

Included on the site is a comprehensive mp3 Sermon section which allows visitors to easily find past sermons by date or speaker. The redesign of the site was a welcome change, creating a consistent and cohesive look and feel for users, in line with what people experience when they visit the Church in person.

Because the content of the site is constantly changing, and to reduce maintenance costs associated with these changes, Abendago installed the Abendago TrewForm Content Management System for the staff at Ross Road. This robust and easy to use content management system gives the secretaries at the Church an easy way to update all content found on the site at any time and from anywhere.


Developed: Abendago Media Group
Design By: Vibe9Design
Maintained By: Ross Road Community Church via TrewForm CMS

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Ross Road Community Church

Website Capture: Ross Road Community Church