Increase Traffic, Improve Brand Recognition and Leverage Social Purchasing with EmmaActive

After a year of development EmmaActive enters beta. This software increases traffic , produces trusted referrals, helps improve brand awareness and allows the crowd to be rewarded for referrals. All this at an extremely low cost of execution. 

EmmaActive uses an unobtrusive advertising technique called "Embedded Multi-Media Advertising" to place product placement tags on images across the Internet. When users interact with these tags, they are taken to merchant websites. The website where the tag was found, and the crowd sourced user that created the tag are rewarded. 

If you're anything like me you've no doubt seen someone wearing a nice shirt, or jacket, or hat and asked your self, "Where do I get that?" Perhaps you have experienced this while browsing the Internet or your FaceBook or Flickr accounts. EmmaActive allows people to tag products they see so that others can get them too. 

For online stores like and this technology is ground-breaking. Essentially EmmaActive Tags turn every image into a store-front. Now, rather than trying to drive traffic to your site, you can promote your product via imagery which already exists on most sites. 

The other day a colleague and I were at a local trade show. One of the booths was a solar power system for RV's. I asked the man behind the booth how I would know to find his product if I saw an image of it on a blog on the Internet. He responded, "You'd have to Google it i suppose." And there lies the problem. Let's imagine I had Googled "solar panels." Naturally I would have found many many results, but potentially a competitors over this salesman's product. With EmmaActive, when the user asks the question, rather than going to Google and finding a competitor, they are taken directly to the merchants site. 

I was speaking with the lead Account Rep at EmmaActive yesterday about the companies plans for market penetration. His response was a compelling concept of cross marketing and social campaign execution. The concept was to encourage merchants, such as Saga Canada (  or Sport Check, to execute social marketing campaigns with EmmaActive Software. One example of a campaign would be to encourage FaceBook Users, Bloggers, and Site Owners to tag photos of themselves wearing NHL Jersey's back to Sport Check's online store. For every product tagged the user would be entered into a draw for a prize. Think of the thousands of users that would post photos, tag products, and take part in the social referral program. The best part is that these tags exist long after the campaign is completed, continually generating inbound traffic. 

I believe the power of EmmaActive is that it is a social marketing and product referral tool. There will be many applications for it, many of which we are not even aware of today. It will be exciting to see if the product catches wind, especially as it produces value for everyone involved. With a solid board of directors and interest from some big names in Silicon Valley, this company is one we will definitely be watching!  

Checkout the video:

And here is a quick demo so you can try it yourself!