The Power of a Social Media Campaign

If you put together a list of the most popular buzz-words created from the rise of the dot com age, the terms "social media" and "social marketing" would perhaps top the list; and for good reason. In order to increase inbound traffic and brand awareness in the increasingly important internet market, businesses are putting more resources into implementing a social media strategy to take advantage of this online traffic so as to not get left behind. Often lacking the internal resources needed to execute a comprehensive on-going campaign, many companies have taken to outsourcing social media management. Abendago has seen fantastic results working with many of it's companies to create and implement a focused, manageable and affordable social media marketing plan.

Over the past year we have worked closely with Matt and Roger Pressman at (now, managing their social media and online marketing initiatives. Our comprehensive management plan includes the ongoing and strategic release of Facebook, twitter and tumblr posts, search engine optimization, blog articles, forum engagement and press content. On a regular basis, Abendago meets with to communicate the effectiveness of the campaign, providing analysis and suggestions for bringing more social engagement to their brand. An example of a recent social media campaign effectiveness review revealed ways to better structure our Facebook posts. The analysis showed us that most of our users connected with our Facebook social media on Tuesdays at 2pm and that the average user was a 30-45 year old Male based in the United States. Analytics such as this were used to ensure that our content was more effective, targeted and not only more cost-effective but also provided more return on investment for our client.

Additionally, consistently monitoring social media and forums for comments and posts about EVAnnex allows Abendago to create an outward facing, more responsive company feel for EVAnnex. It engages the user where they are interacting and invites them to join EVAnnex as a trusted familiar source of EV aftermarket information . By being continually connected to the voice of your core demographic, you can be abreast to changing customer needs, addressing both negative and positive opinions about your brand in a proactive and timely manner. Abendago also extends their online marketing initiatives to act as a company advocate on public forums, offering positive affirmation and honest critical reviews of the EVAnnex Model S product line. This is of tremendous value when the tide turns on your company and your company desperately wants to correct the over-arching temperament of the forums without posting under your business name. Having an outside advocate who posts honestly on your behalf, can quickly help in a critical response situation.


Earlier this month Abendago worked with EVAnnex to create a detailed Tesla Model S infographic and contest. The goal was to get prospective users and current followers to tag themselves inside the infographic, extending the graphics reach and promoting EVAnnex across our follower's Facebook timelines. For a high resolution version of the infographic, users were directed to the website with the intention of increasing in-bound site traffic.

Once completed, the graphic was posted on, Facebook and Almost immediately the graphic took off and received well over 400 views on Facebook. A few days later, we posted the graphic on the EVAnnex Tumblr Blog, again increasing the views of the graphic. The following day Teslarati , a highly influential blog reporting on news related to Tesla Motors, wrote an article about the infographic, sending another surge of visitors to the website and Facebook page. (since the writing of this article the Info graphic was also picked up by a number of sites around the world including being translated into Chinese)

Next in our assault of social media channels, was a posting of a link to the Teslarati article on Reddit. As Reddit doesn't like ads, often deleting posts and occasionally banning users, this was a work around method accomplishing the same goal as we sought to reach out to the Tesla community. The post received thousands of views, 70 up votes and a tremendous influx of visitors to EVAnnex and their Facebook page resulting in a demonstrable increase in post views (now at 600).


But what about sales and inbound traffic on the EVAnnex website? Did we increase conversions? Over the course of our campaign, we doubled the daily traffic on the EVAnnex website and saw both one of their highest visited days and the highest dollar value in sales this year.

Social Media Management can have a huge effect on your business if you allow it to. It's not enough to just have all the right accounts. You need to be actively monitoring, communicating with and engaging your audience with content that is relevant to why they do business with you. It needs to go beyond simple marketing and create true value through quality information dissemination. Social media is like inviting your friend over for dinner. Don't spend the whole time selling. Instead invite them to a conversation and the sales will come!

If you would like to discuss your social media strategy and how Abendago can help, give us a call at Abendago Media Group at 604-613-4797