Luxury Log Cabins and Log Homes

Luxury log cabins and log homes and web development aren't normally put together in the same sentence. Artisan Log Home Construction builds high quality, luxury log cabins and log homes for clients around the world. However, in the past few years, Artisan began to recognize that they needed a better web presence to showcase their work and help people find their services easier.

Connecting with Nathan Leggatt and the Abendago team, Artisan Log Home Construction became a client after seeing the quality of work, dedication to excellence and their ability to provide a comprehensive strategy for Artisan's content management and SEO needs. Concerned about the time needed to use and ineffectiveness of their current solution, Abendago Media was able to provide Artisan Log Home Construction with a new content management solution that would be easy to use, yet robust enough to meet the needs of Artisan Log Home Construction for many years to come. They needed a content management solution that they could use on an on-going basis with an easy to use solution for all the images they had of their on-going and completed projects.

In the luxury log cabins and log home construction business, a lot of the business and interest for Artisan products come from the images showcasing their work. Many times, customers come to see the log homes and log cabins out of curiosity. However, when they actually see what can be accomplished in the creation of log home plans and the execution of their plans, many customers become hooked. They are impressed at what can be done with log homes and the type of artistry and craftsmanship that can go into log homes. These are not your old time, roughly built log cabins you see in the films depicting people roughing it in the wilderness. These are luxury log cabins and log homes that can be every bit as dramatic, breathtaking and innovative as a regular home. As one of the premier Canadian log home builders , Artisan wanted to Abendago to help them showcase their great work with their luxury log cabins and log homes in a way that captured the customer's attention, letting the images speak for themselves. Artisan log home construction were impressed with the robust features of the Abendago CMS and how they did not have to be constantly tied to us to make changes whenever they had new images to add to their site. Abendago was able to easily accommodate their needs as the Abendago content management system had a very robust gallery system already built into it. 

Artisan Log Home Construction also wanted to focus their efforts on SEO making sure that their site was optimized to appear high up in the search results. Abendago Media was able to help with that, researching and utilizing key words related to luxury log cabins and log homes and log cabins throughout the website. Abendago's comprehensive SEO package helps companies stay on top of trends in their domain by utilizing several key tools, along with the expertise that Nathan Leggatt brings to the table.

Luxury log cabins and log homes may not be easy to build but providing Artisan Log Home Construction with the ability to showcase their beautiful creations to the world has been made easy with Abendago Media and their web services.