Abendago Joins Forces To Build Innovative Gift Giving App

Innovative Gift Giving App, iWishfor, Newest Partnership for Abendago Media!

Abendago Media has long had a history of working with innovative companies. From building student intervention managers to airline incident report systems, Abendago has come alongside and built out large, complex database structures and websites to assist in helping innovative ideas come to life.

That's why Abendago Media has recently partnered with iWishfor founder, Ian Hancock in creating the first truly innovative gift giving app , just in time for the Christmas gifts season. Now in the iTunes store, the iWishfor app allows you to easily save and share gift ideas with your friends and family ; anytime, anywhere, and for any occasion. iWishfor founder, Ian Hancock needed the gift giving app to be simple to use, while providing a robust backend structure that would be needed to support the amount of information and options needed, especially as more and more people downloaded it from the iTunes store.

Knowing Abendago's reputation, quality and knowledge of development trends and database architecture, Ian was pleased when Abendago Media's Nathan Leggatt agreed to come on board and work with iWishfor on the iWishfor gift giving app.

Ian explains that, "There was never really a question, when we were thinking of who best to work with to bring the iWishfor gift giving app to life. Nathan Leggatt has a great reputation with the companies he has worked with over the years. When he builds something, you know that you are getting a quality product, and that, coupled with a deep understanding of what is going on in the web development world ... Well, we knew that we had jumped a major hurdle in having him join the iWishfor team. Abendago Media brings so much value and expertise to the table; we are able to move faster and more confidently in developing the iWishfor app especially as Christmas gifts become more a priority for people. We know that we have one of the best iPhone gift giving apps out there in the iTunes store and partnering with Nathan and Abendago made sure that it got into the iTunes store and that it was well supported."

"As personalized gifts become more important to people, the iWishfor gift giving app is going to be the go-to app to get the best gifts for loved ones this holiday season and for other occasions afterwards. As Christmas rolls closer, people are more stressed and under pressure to find the perfect Christmas gifts," stated Nathan. "People want to find the perfect Christmas gifts for their loved ones, but end up getting the wrong gifts or just some impersonal gift card."

That's why Nathan was excited that Abendago Media could be a part of buildling the iWishfor gift giving app as something that was innovative, unique, but obviously had a real personal connection to the everyday needs of people wanting to make better gift giving choices. With new designs and an updated user experience coming soon, Abendago and iWishfor have the perfect blend of know-how and energy to make the iWishfor gift giving app a real solution to everybody's gift buying woes.

Download the iWishfor gift giving app now from the iTunes store and start organizing your Christmas gifts shopping today!