Website Project Details

Launchmens has been providing high quality designer mens fashion in the Abbotsford core for the last few years and Abendago was excited to assist them with creating their online presence. Partnering with Fabric Creative, Abendago developed a website that was easy to maintain and integrated into a shopify checkout. 

As part of the website seo strategy, we also installed EmmaActive onto the website. This enables their admin to identify and tag products in images they display. Now users who view those photos can quickly navigate from a product in a photo to the product purchase page, which reduces friction in the sales process. Along with increaseing conversions, the software also increases SEO value and adds a layer of social sharing to the photos themselves which result in an increase in the number of visitors to the website.

The end product is a fully content managed e-commerce website that will allow to take their product around the world. 

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Website Capture: Launchmens