Website Project Details

Dominion Regalia required a top-notch web presence to replace their existing, legacy system. In order to better position themselves for success in the 21st century they needed E-Commerce capabilities and the ability to easily add products and content to their website. Vibe9Design worked tirelessly with the client to develop a user interface which would accomplish the functional goals of the client and then contacted Abendago Media Group to have all the programming magic compelted.

Abendago staff was successful at creating a state-of-the-art website which takes advantage of e-commerce, dynamic manageable flash elements, updateable content, the ability to add products, product categories, and even additional sub pages as needed.

Coupled with Abendago's amazing support, the client's expectations have been met and they are anticipating increased ROI as a result of their new web presence.

Developed: Abendago Media Group
Design: Vibe9Design
Maintained By: Dominion Regalia

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Dominion Regalia

Website Capture: Dominion Regalia